Can the rich be poor?

If the poor people Jesus talked to or about weren’t always poor does that mean that the rich people I talk to are also possibly poor.

I’m reading about disciples with houses and/or reasonably wealthy families, so where does that leave the rest of us… Maybe this is good news?

I doubt it is as good as it seems on the surface, for starters it doesn’t negate Jesus’ teaching about giving or his attitude to possessions. I am comforted to have learnt that there is hope for those of us with an ipad, but we still have to be careful.



2 thoughts on “Can the rich be poor?

  1. Clearly Jesus would pack an Android tablet, probably rooted with some kind of home-brew Linux build that Thomas put on there.

  2. Yes. Probably some unbranded Chinese thing, not wanting to align himself with a worldly brand and therefore not breaking manufacturer rules/guidelines by running Cyanogenmod.

    Would running the nightlies show strong faith or a foolish spirit?

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