Proud of My Uniform

When I was a student I used to work at a famous nightclub in Liverpool called Cream. I was head barman (I did DJ there, just the once) and all of my friends were jealous that I got to go to the night club nobody could afford to go to, 3 times a week, and get paid for it.
This club is still going but back then it was so famous when we were given new t-shirts for work we could sell our old ones to fans of the club.

Our uniforms (basically just a t-shirt with the club’s logo and “staff” printed on it) were something I was proud to wear. I was happy to wear my uniform to walk to work. More than happy I was proud to wear it. I was happy to be associated with the brand, I was proud to tell people I worked there. In clubbing circles I could still dine out on some of the stories. Let’s be truthful I am STILL proud to have been (a tiny) part of a legendary nightclub’s story.

So many challenges are raised in my head. I probably lack the writing skill to explore them all in 50 blog posts let alone one!


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